domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

INNOVATIVE INTERFACES: The Millennium Integrated Library System (ILS)

Millennium ILS

The Millennium integrated library system (ILS) offers libraries the most complete and continuously evolving solution on the market. While others have abandoned integration or pushed technology fads, we’ve never lost sight of the services libraries provide and the means to make those processes work. Millennium’s multi-tier, client-server architecture is broad, stable, and includes what libraries need to meet their most pressing technology challenges.
Innovative designed Millennium not just for libraries, but also for librarians. Millennium’s modules reliably support simple, everyday library transactions while at the same time meeting the demands of the most sophisticated cataloger, circulation manager, or web librarian. It's no wonder that Millennium has become the most broadly accepted solution among libraries of all types and sizes, in over 40 countries - with the greatest customer loyalty of any ILS on the market.
Innovative has worked to make Millennium a comprehensive solution that streamlines library operations so librarians can focus on being librarians. Millennium Circulation frees staff from unnecessary tasks and provides patrons with a host of self-service options. Tested in the most demanding legal and academic libraries, Millennium Serials manages complexity like no other system on the market. The Millennium Acquisitions module has a host of ordering solutions for any type or size of library. And Millennium Cataloging is more finely tuned than any other system, supporting a complement of metadata schemes and technologies for handling and transmitting data describing your collections.
What’s more, Innovative has extended Millennium into areas beyond traditional ILS functionality, offering Patron Services with an array of user-empowerment features, Campus Computing, and even wireless circ and inventory with Circa. These capabilities mean libraries can use the Millennium platform to build a solution to their technology challenge without technology “band-aids” or reliance on expensive IT hours.

Full Integration

Millennium’s unparalleled integration means it all works together! That's the Millennium difference. For example, a single change to form or content is immediately reflected across the entire system, without staff even having to think about it. For librarians, integration means easy Management Reports as well as unparalleled technical processing features and workflow efficiencies.

Core library functions that leave nothing out, supportability that keeps it simple, web tools that make you accessible, and integration that makes it all work. That’s Millennium!